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Awards and scholarships

The Robert Greenblatt Award

The Robert Greenblatt Award is the most important prize for young investigators in the field of the Menopause. Up to 2 awards each of £ 2500 will be given for the best papers presented in either basic or clinical menopause-related research. The Robert Greenblatt Award, in honour of the first IMS President, will be awarded to 1-2 investigators who present the best oral presentations in menopause-related basic or clinical science in a special Award session. Candidates must be <40 years of age (on day 1 of the Congress), not a past recipient of this Award, and 1st author of the submitted abstract (only 1 abstract per candidate)


Candidates must be <40 years of age
Candidates must not be a past recipient of this Award
Candidates must be the 1st author of the submitted abstract
Each candidate can submit only 1 abstract for the prize
When submitting the abstract thick the checkbox “Greenblatt prize”

International Travel Awards

Cover the congress registration + Travel support

Young International Clinical Trainee Travel Awards 
The 17th WCM Scientific Committee is glad to announce and congratulate the winners of the IMS Young International Clinical Trainee Travel Awards:

• Nalina Orprayoon - Thailand
• Alida Pokoradi - Canada
• Anouk de Wit - Netherlands
• Jessica Zandona - Brazil
• Hilma Putri Lubis - Indonesia
• Laura Cucinella - Italy
• Marta Caretto - Italy
• Neelam Jain - India
• Patricia Ann Africa Factor - Philippines
• Thaís Rasia Silva - Brazil
• Xiaolin Xu - China

Developing Country Delegate Awards
The Scientific Committee of the 17th WCM is pleased to announce and congratulate the winners of the Developing Country Delegate Awards:

• Nargiza Magzumova - Uzbekistan
• Odontuya Enkhchimeg - Mongolia
• Opeyemi Ekundayo - Nigeria
• Ruth Clapauch - Brazil
• Iroda Tojieva - Uzbekistan
• Vivek Pant - Nepal

The IMS thanks the Melbourne Convention Bureau for the financial support of the Developing Country Delegate Awards



Henry Burger Prize

This prize of £3500 (updated in 2019) was named to mark the great contribution that Professor Henry Burger has made to the field of menopause.

The prize is now given to the investigator who is judged as having published the most significant contribution(s) to the field of menopause with particular reference to the work done in the previous 5 years prior to the World Congress.

Nominations are accepted for the prize and self-nominations will be considered. Criteria also include a demonstration of how the research has managed to influence better clinical practice and evidence of measurable impact factors, as well as the citation indices of published papers which might influence clinical practice. The publications must have been in a peer-reviewed journal, in print or e-pub in the public domain during the qualifying period.

Judging is undertaken by the Scientific Prize Subcommittee. The prize winner will give a short presentation of his/her work at the World Congress in Melbourne at a special session on the first day of the World Congress.


Please send via email the name of the nominee and a short summary of their achievement to the Scientific Society
The deadline for nominations is 19th December 2019


Bursary Research

The purpose of the bursary is to promote research that may be a base for future lines of research or more advanced future projects, and research with epidemiological or social impact.

The applicant must be a member of the IMS or formally sponsored by a member of good standing. The sponsoring member should act as a mentor for the project and can offer feedback to the IMS Board at any time, as well as supporting the researcher.

Two payments of £15,000 will be made to the institution or hospital where the research will be undertaken. The recipient will be announced at the World Congress.


Candidates must be <40 years of age on the first year of the congress
Candidates must request an application form via email to the Scientific Society
The deadline for applications is 31st January 2020.


Menopause Olympics

During the Menopause Olympics session young delegates will challenge against each other in a knowledge quiz! Answers will be also discussed during this educational and interactive session!

All CAMs are invited to nominate one delegate, under the age of 40 years, to participate in the second IMS Menopause Olympics. This is a wonderful opportunity for young clinician/ trainees/ researchers to participate in the Congress in a collegiate, entertaining and educational way. We warmly encourage and welcome every CAMs to support a young person in this event. Nominated delegates can apply for one of the International Travel Awards to support their participation.
Contact your scientific society to be nominated for the Menopause Olympics session.
If your national menopause society decided not to participate or is not member of CAMS or if there is no menopause scientific society in your country please contact the IMS directly to apply for the Menopause Olympics.

The winner of the session will win a prize of 500£

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