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Precongress course

refresh your knowledge with the precongress course

The Precongress course “Menopause Essentials” is for all health professionals wanting to develop or refresh their knowledge of the basic physiology of the menopause, the health consequence of the menopause and when and how to use the available treatment options.
It has been specifically designed to be globally applicable and clinically practical for specialists and non specialists alike.

precongress course

Menopause Essentials

WEDNESDAY February 3rd 2021


Delfin Tan (PH) Menopause: What is it?
STRAW, symptoms, metabolic and bone changes, diagnosis of menopause and an introduction to POI


Rodney Baber (AU) Prescribing MHT
How to prescribe MHT, risks and benefits of MHT and troubleshooting for common problems associated with MHT or adaptions in the setting of co-morbidities

15:30 Tea break


Anna Fenton (NZ) Other options
Non-hormonal treatment options, complementary therapies and compounded bioidentical hormone therapy


JoAnn Pinkerton (US) Disorders Downunder: Evaluation and management
Evaluation and management of VVA, sexual function problems and abnormal uterine bleeding

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4 hour intensive course
Cement your core knowledge
 Learn from international experts


REGISTRATION Fee       100€

Only congress-registered participants can sign up for the pre-congress course.

Don’t miss the precongress course

Only congress-registered participants can sign up for the pre-congress course.

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